Python 2 vs. Python 3 (yet again)

Recently Zed Shaw, author of Learn Python the Hard Way, posted The Case Against Python 3 (For Now). In his diatribe, Shaw shreds Python 3 for being a bad language for beginning programmer to learn.  One section of his post is supposedly written for beginners and another section is aimed at experienced programmers.  There isn’t […]

The Net Ninja – SASS Tutorial

I recently found this YouTube channel which features a number of tutorials on topics such as SASS, AngularJS, NodeJS and HTML/CSS.  I found this page through someone that I was following on Twitter.  It looked interesting so I decided to take the SASS tutorials.  I chose the SASS tutorial because it was something that I […]

Packt Publishing – Mastering Python videos

The impression that one gets when watching this video is that the narrator, Daniel Arbuckle, was most concerned about how fast he could read his script and still remain understandable. I had to stop and backup several times to listen to what he said again.  I am already a competent Python programmer.  I would really […]

I am back!

When I started blogging, I had the best of intentions.  As you can see, those intentions come to fruition and I did not keep current on posting.  I am working on changing that now.  I still plan to outline my experiences on various tutorial/learning sites.  Stay tuned!

Getting Learned

I am embarking on a quest to spend one hour a day learning something new.  Most of my efforts will be directed towards computer programming related topics.  I plan to try various commercial sites, free tutorials and maybe a MOOC or two.  I will try to give opinions on things related to whatever I am […]