The Net Ninja – SASS Tutorial

I recently found this YouTube channel which features a number of tutorials on topics such as SASS, AngularJS, NodeJS and HTML/CSS.  I found this page through someone that I was following on Twitter.  It looked interesting so I decided to take the SASS tutorials.  I chose the SASS tutorial because it was something that I am familiar with and felt I would be able to tell the difference between good information and not so good information.

I wished that I had known of this channel when I set out to learn SASS several years ago.  The tutorial has twelve videos ranging from about 3.5 minutes to about 8 minutes in length adding up to somewhere around 70 minutes total.  In this 70 minutes the narrator manages to walk you through what you need to download and setup to begin using SASS, walks you through the key parts of SASS such as variables and mixins and provided you with examples through a link to his GitHub repo.

As you can imagine, 70 minutes is definitely not enough time to make you an expert however if you have a reasonable knowledge of CSS and HTML then this tutorial will give you enough of a toolset to get you started and give you a foundation for more advanced coverage later.  I subscribed to his channel and followed him on Twitter.  I think I will try the NodeJS tutorials next because I know very little about it.

The one thing that I did not like about the videos is the really annoying karate sound effects.  Ninjas are silent and deadly, they don’t make AYYY YAWWW sounds like those from a Bruce Lee movie.

The Net Ninja YouTube channel can be found here.


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