Packt Publishing – Mastering Python videos

The impression that one gets when watching this video is that the narrator, Daniel Arbuckle, was most concerned about how fast he could read his script and still remain understandable.

I had to stop and backup several times to listen to what he said again.  I am already a competent Python programmer.  I would really hate to be a newbie trying to follow this video series.  The information was reasonably done but the narration killed the video.  If you are someone in a big hurry and are already comfortable with some language then you might find some use for this but if you are new, then I really suggest you keep your $94.99 in your pocket.  If you do have to have this video you might want to wait until they have their $10 video sales.  Right now is one of those times.

You can find the video at Mastering Python.


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