jQuery Tutorials

A few years ago I tried some of the tutorial videos on The New Boston, which now seems to be experiencing a name change to Bucky’s Room

When I visited before I was underwhelmed by the offerings on the site.  The presentations I watched were full of errors and the presenter had to keep backing up and retyping code when he found he had made mistakes.  As I recall I had viewed some JavaScript videos.

This time when I visited the site, it looks somewhat tacky but the videos that I watched in the jQuery tutorial were done much better.  The videos in this sequence were narrated by Alex from PHP Academy.  They were easy to follow and clearly explained.   I actually learned a few things and by extension I learned of a new site which I will probably try at some point in the future.

I did have to laugh at the categories for the videos that were listed. Two of the categories are Computer Programming and Computer Science.  Apparently XHTML and CSS, HTML5, 3Ds Max 2010 and Git are now ‘computer science’ topics.  These items were not on the curriculum for my degree.  I think there could be a much better classification for the titles but that is just me!

Overall the quality of the videos that I watched, which were the first 15 of 200 in the jQuery section, has pretty much assured that I will return and take a look at some of the other offerings…and probably finish off the jQuery videos just to see where they are going.

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